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Welcome to our San-X Partner Shop!
We've been here since 2002 to bring you the best selection of San-X cuteness in the US! There are so many cute little characters: Nyan Nyan Nyanko, Kogepan, Wanroom, Tire Dog, Cherry Blossoms, Mikan Bouya, Tarepanda, Mamegoma, Monokuro Boo. Just click on a character you want to browse below. We stock about 1,000 San-X items, so you might have a hard time choosing. You can create a wish list to keep track of the things you like. But don't wait too long, because many of the items are around only for a limited production, and once they are gone, we might not be able to re-stock them.
Shop Cute? Shop Kawaii!

San-X Iiwaken Shiba Inu San-X Rilakkuma Relax Bear San-X Sumikko Gurashi "Things in the Corner"
San-X Sentimental Circus San-X Kutusita Nyanko Cat San-X Mamegoma Little Seals
San-X Mofutans Mochi Bunnies San-X Tarepanda San-X Shirasutai

San-X Zombbit Zombie Rabbit More San-X!! Panda Days, Sweet Face, Sea Paradise Etc. San-X Kamonohashi Kamo Platypus

San-X Sweet Street San-X Monokuro Boo San-X Baby Boo

Nyan Nyan Nyanko San-X Sakura Cherry Blossoms