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Sumikko Gurashi (Things in the Corner) from San-X

These are the stories of creatures that came from different corners. There's Polar Bear from the far corner of the world. Penguin? He doesn't quite remember if he used to be a spiritual creature or not. But he's green like a Kapa. The last piece of Ton Katsu (Fried Pork Cutlet) is always at the corner on the plate. The shy calico Cat that likes to sit in the corner of the room. Boba Pearl is a popular drink with tapioca balls, but there are always some Boba Pearls left in the cup stuck to the edge. And of course, there's something that gets tossed to the corner: Mr. Weed! Mr. Weed has a dream to be in a lovely bouquet one day! Somehow the path of these creatures crossed each other, and now they all hang out in their favorite corners together most of the time.

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