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San-X Frog (Kerori) is either white or green depends on his mood.  When he's feeling sad or depressed, Kerori is green.  But the next day, he always feels much better, and he changes back to white!  The little Tadpole is a nice companion for Kerori, so is the Blue Worm.  The Blue Worm comes to Kerori when he's sad.  What a buddy is for, right?
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San-X Tsuginohi Kerori Frog A4 Plastic File Folder: Kerori Café San-X Kerori Frog A4 Plastic File Folder: Kerori Town San-X Kerori Frog Mug: White
San-X Kerori Frog Pen & Make Up Case San-X Kerori Frog 3" Plush Mascot Key Chains: PJs San-X Tsugino Kerori Frog Pen & Makeup Pouch
San-X Kerori (Tomorrow Frog) 6" White Frog Plush