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Cute rabbits morph into zombies!

Nobody knows why this happens.
1) Zombbit is really slow to move.
2) Zombbit is really eager to bite (Gaji Gaji) everything. “Gaji Gaji” never stops.
3) Once you’re bitten by Zombbit, you also will be morph into Zombbit.

Seems like a lead in this story.
Even though he’s already a zombbit, there seems to be no changes on his face as he’d looked blue and absent minded by his nature.
As there’re so many zombbits around, now he looks really healthy
Looks like he has no ears, but maybe he has them……….

Nonbi is a little slower than the other Zombbit. So other Zombbit always chase after him. Somii maybe is Nonbi's pet? You always see Somii by Nonbi's side.
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