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Love Kawaii Japanese Stickers?
Need to get a gift for someone that loves Kawaii Japanese stickers?

Screaming Bear Sticker Subscription Service
is here to help!
Four convenient options: 3-month, 6-month, 12-month, or auto renew that will keep coming until you decide to cancel (free cancellation anytime)
$15 a month, including FREE shipping and handling in USA.
For our overseas subscriber, the shipping and handling charge is only $4 per month.

Screaming Bear only picks from the finest Japanese brands, like Kamio, Q-Lia, Mind Wave, Crux, Sanrio and San-X (Rilakkuma, Sentimental Circus, Sumikko Gurashi, Kutusita Nyanko, Mamegoma, Tarepanda, etc).

Monthly Auto-Renew
$15 a month!
12-Month Subscription

Pick 1 of the 4!
Get Your Screaming Bear today!

6-Month Subscription
3-Month Subscription
On the 15th of every month, Screaming Bear will send you the best package of Kawaii Japanese stickers valued at $25 or more retail. He will pick out around 6 stickers from different types of stickers: let it be spongy marshmallow stickers, raised thick epoxy stickers, with glitters or metallic outlines, water stickers, air bubble stickers, clear plastic stickers, paper stickers, or loose sticker sack. Sometimes, Screaming Bear will even throw in a deco tape to mix it up.

Start a subscription option today for yourself and/or for a loved one and join the scream of joy every month with Screaming Bear Sticker Subscription Service.

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