Mind Wave One Point Seal: Shiba Inu Puppies Washi Paper Stickers Mind Wave To-do List Sticky Notes: (G) Hedgehogs & (H) Sumo Wrestlers Kamio Sumou Wrestlers Thin Washi Paper Stickers with Golden Accents
Mind Wave Washi Paper Pieceful Sticker Sack: © Cats & Bows 50-Piece Mind Wave To-do List Sticky Notes: (E) Black and White Kitties & (F) Shiba Inu Puppies Sanrio Japan Gudetama Lazy Egg Eraser
Mind Wave Osumou Sans Drawstring Pouch: Teal Mind Wave Ojistyle Shiba Inu B5 Kanji & Graph Notebook Mind Wave Yum-Yum!! Snacks B5 Kanji & Graph Notebook